:: BARC Membership ::

Membership In BARC is an excellent value and is available in the following categories:

  • Regular Membership (Licensed Amateur) Dues: $25.00 per year
  • Senior Membership (Licensed Amateur AND 65 years of age) Dues: $15.00 per year
  • Life Membership (Licensed Amateur AND 70 year of age AND BARC member for
  • Minimum of 5 consecutive years) Dues waived per by-laws
  • Family Membership (Living in same household as a Regular, Senior or Life Member) Dues: $10.00 per year.
  • Student Membership (Full time student through the 12th grade) Dues: $12.50 per year
  • Associate Membership (Unlicensed Individual) Dues: $12.50 per year

    BARC Membership Application: text | PDF

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